Distance Learning @ WWU


Walla Walla University offers a stimulating and diverse online learning experience. Check the list of course offerings available online at classopen.melkban24.com (be sure to filter the results by selecting the "online only" check box).

To access online course content and engage with your classmates and instructor, you will need to be able to run Brightspace by D2L (Walla Walla University’s course management system) and 微软团队 (where synchronous class meetings are held) on your computer. 虽然两 可以 be run on a tablet, it’s recommended to use a laptop or desktop for the best experience. Here’s what you’ll need to be able to access these services:

  • A high-speed internet connection
  • 网页浏览器 (Chrome or Firefox works best)
  • Speakers, microphone, and webcam
  • Intel i5 Processor, 4GB of RAM, 2GB of free disk space  (i.e., most modern desktops or laptops will work fine)
  • 操作系统: Brightspace is compatible with every version of Windows or Mac operating systems—it is recommended that you update to the 最新的 operating system available for your device. 微软团队 supports Windows 10 and newer and the 最新的 three versions of macOS. Chromebooks will also work to run both programs (although your experience on 团队 will be different because you will use the web app rather than a desktop app).

Undergraduate students


K-12 NPUC Educators

If you are a student attending another college or university and are considering transferring to Walla Walla University, or if  you are a guest or non-matriculated student, 请联系 学习成绩 的信息.


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