A community of faith and discovery

沃拉沃拉大学 is a Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher education founded in 1892. On its four campuses throughout the Pacific Northwest, WWU cultivates environments of excellence, 慷慨, 美, 和基督教信仰.

Exceptional education at WWU begins with the integration of faith and learning in small classes offering personalized attention from dedicated professors. The university seeks to prepare students for successful lives and careers through rigorous internships, global 学习之旅 and partnerships, and hands-on learning in rigorous academic settings. WWU is fully accredited and offers more than 100 研究领域 in professional and technical programs and the liberal arts. The small campus setting enriches student learning through regular interaction across disciplines.

The residential campus environment at WWU fosters a tight-knit, socially-engaged, active community. 在一周内, 教师, 工作人员, and students pursue curiosities together and on the weekends rest, 敬拜, 一起探索. At the core of the WWU experience is the opportunity to discover and nurture a relationship with Jesus Christ in classes and through personal devotions and group 敬拜 experiences, 志愿者部门, 本地和全球服务.

The headquarters of WWU is located on an 83-acre campus in the Walla Walla Valley in Southeastern 华盛顿 state where cultural arts, 充满活力的餐厅, and recreational opportunities abound. The university also operates four satellite campuses, including a School of 护理 in Portland, 俄勒冈州, a marine biology station near Anacortes, 华盛顿, and School of Social Work and Sociology campuses in Missoula and Billings, 蒙大拿.


沃拉沃拉大学 is a community of faith and discovery committed to:

  • 卓越的思想.
  • 慷慨服务.
  • 表达之美.
  • 对上帝的信仰.

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Rigorous academic programs at 沃拉沃拉大学 advance excellence in thought in a supportive atmosphere. Learning is expanded to the world outside the classroom through field education, 设计竞赛, 实验室, 研究, 艺术节目, 学生教学, 学习之旅, 工作室工作. 理科生, 技术, 工程, and mathematics gain context and balance in an environment rich with the liberal arts, and students of the humanities and social sciences put learning into practice through interaction with technical programs.


Compassion for others translates beyond an expressed service ethic into in-person initiatives to meet needs in local and global communities. Service is integrated in classroom experiences and student life programs as 教师, 工作人员, and students champion and engage in projects to connect with and serve fellow citizens of the world.


Through seasonal music programs, a campus art gallery that showcases artistic talent, and notable speakers who visit campus as part of the 社区 program and academic colloquia series, the university supports and celebrates expressions of 美. This value of the campus community is also expressed through students who engage in physical activities through the athletics and intramural programs and in leadership roles through organizations, such as the student association (ASWWU) and campus clubs.


At the core of the collegiate experience at 沃拉沃拉大学 is abundant opportunity to discover and nurture a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 穿过教室, 敬拜, 为他人服务, and time and space for personal devotion, the programs and environment at WWU enable 教师, 工作人员, and students to grow in a spiritual walk and journey with God with support from others.


颜色: 橙色和绿色

吉祥物: 狼

总统: 约翰·麦克维恩

种族多样性: 46%

师生比例: 13:1

全职教员: 107

高中平均绩点: 3.577

Largest undergraduate programs:

  • 护理.
  • 业务.
  • 工程.
  • 生物学.
  • 教育.


  • Women’s basketball, cross-country, golf, volleyball.
  • Men’s basketball, cross-country, golf, soccer.

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