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Walla Walla University honored and celebrated the achievements of the class of 2024 during the weekend of June 14-16, 2024.


Expand your thinking.

Collaborate with world-class faculty.

Gain the practical skills you need in the context of faith from faculty who will prepare you to speak intelligently from a Christian perspective in a secularized world. Here you will experience life-changing ideas that will inspire you to live the life you imagine.

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Grow in your walk with God.

You’ll find a faith family at WWU where you can grow in your spiritual walk. You’ll experience genuine community and interactions with others who are on a similar journey with God. Our mission is to magnify the love of Jesus in our hearts, on our campus, and to our world.

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Generous scholarships

WWU offers a range of scholarships and grants.

From merit awards to international student scholarships to scholarships for leadership, WWU offers a range of generous scholarships in addition to other financial aid.

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Our close-knit campus is deliberately designed so that your student will build lifelong friendships with their peers, and most importantly, 与耶稣.


Our university community is committed to excellence in thought, generosity in service, beauty in expression, 和对上帝的信仰. On this campus we fuel your curiosity and provide opportunities to expand your knowledge. Learn about the passions and projects of our exceptional community. 

The church in service

The church in service

CHE hosts workshops to educate and strengthen church community service efforts

God and the outdoors

God and the outdoors

Gerber shares her experience leading ASWWU's Connect with the Creator film festival

Celebration of awards

Celebration of awards

WWU honors the scholarship of students, staff, and faculty



Five notable entrepreneurs offered their expertise to decide this year's winners



Readied by adventure: New program to begin with summer trip to Mount Olympus